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For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Dec 12, 2023

Letting go of what is not working for your business is an act of courage that goes beyond mere acknowledgment of stagnation.  


It involves a fearless confrontation of the areas where your business is stuck and the willingness and commitment to pivot and move to the next level of growth.  


Join the conversation with Kute Blackson as he shares his journey as a transformational teacher and his process of helping people become aware of their patterns, break barriers, and unlock their true gifts and greatness.  


According to Kute, releasing what no longer serves your business is not just a strategic move: 

·        It's a profound acknowledgment that innovation and progress demand a willingness to embrace the unknown 

·        It's also a readiness to pivot and evolve into the next level of your entrepreneurial journey. 


Kute is a transformational teacher, inspirational speaker, and the author of You Are The One and The Magic of Surrender. Kute has spoken at countless events worldwide. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a select group of one hundred of the world's foremost authorities in the personal development industry.  


For over 20 years, Kute Blackson has been inspiring audiences around the world, and his mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically, and fulfill their true life's purpose. 


Tune in! 


Key Highlights from The Show 

[01:09] Introduction to the show with Kute Blackson 

[03:00] The thread that connects Kute's work in the transformational space 

[06:57] Who Kute is and his purpose and mission in this world  

[09:50] Kute’s processes of helping people become aware of their patterns 

[14:51] How we make our lives complex and where to start to make it simple 

[21:13] Acknowledging and sitting with pain to course-correct and be alignment. 

[23:06] Kute's book, The Magic of Surrender’s message on surrendering and letting go 

[26:26] The nature of the ego and the essence of surrender   

[31:05] Letting go of control and trying to force and manipulate our business in our limitations  

[33:30] Why it’s incredibly important to find your true purpose in life and how to do it  

[36:33] Understanding the evolutionary nature of purpose; it evolves as you evolve 

[42:20] Why Kute considers himself an entrepreneur  

[43:44] Kute’s dream, it’s essence, and why it’s not an end goal  

[46:36] How to reach out and connect with Kute and get his book 

[47:29] Ending the show 


Notable Quotes 

·        It takes more courage to acknowledge where you are stuck and let go of what’s not working.   

·        Surrender is the real secret to manifestation and the real key to the next level. 

·        When we’re attached to the outcome, we’re unable to be flexible and receive the messages that the marketplace gives us. 

·        The game of living your true purpose is learning, growing, and evolving and your work is a vehicle to learn the lessons in the school of life. 

·        Your entire life has been the perfect preparation for you to live your purpose; look at your life and your tangible skills and employ them to solve a problem. 

·        Money and success are the sanction when we add value; we add value when we solve a pain, problem, or challenge.   


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The Magic of Surrender: Finding the Courage to Let Go, Kute Blackson
You Are The One, Kute Blackson



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