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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Nov 28, 2023

Unlock the secrets to business success with strategic thinking! Imagine it as the rock-solid foundation for your venture—it's the key to wise decisions, resourceful use of assets, and long-term planning. When strategically building with a vision, you craft a shield that protects and propels growth. 


It goes beyond gaining customers; it's about creating a tribe of devoted supporters. Understand where your audience is, tailor your offerings to meet their needs, and ensure easy access. Success isn't just about ads—it's about nurturing your audience. 


Join Ben Camara as he shares his journey from football pro to London entrepreneur. Gain insights into reaching your audience, fortifying your business, and why strategic thinking is a founder's playbook essential. Ben, the founder of The No1 Fitness Group, faced pandemic challenges, strategically selling and then launching KLIQ—an empowering platform for creators. 


Discover what it takes to succeed, the strategic thinking crucial for entrepreneurs, and how it can elevate your entrepreneurial journey.  


Tune in now! 


Key Highlights from The Show 

[02:26] Introduction to the show with Ben Camara 

[03:00] Ben’s bottleneck score on strategic thinking and letting go  

[05:19] Why it’s so difficult for entrepreneurs to let go and delegate  

[06:01] What Ben is doing to get better as an entrepreneur in strategic thinking 

[07:10] What is strategic thinking, and why it’s so important  

[08:20] Ben’s big dream and vision for his business  

[10:18] Tips on how to create content and speak to the right audience  

[12:29] How to gauge if you are giving too much on social media  

[14:16] How Ben transitioned from professional sport to entrepreneurship 

[16:24] Problem-solving: Key lessons Ben learned at a young age in entrepreneurship

[18:40] Ben’s Fitness business and his experience selling it after 11 years due to COVID

[21:55] What Ben would have done differently for his previous business  

[25:34] Lessons Ben took with him to bulletproof his current business  

[27:40] Bottlenecks that Ben is facing in his business today 

[29:47] Ben’s practical recommendation for entrepreneurs and start-up founders 

[34:20] How to reach out and connect with Ben 

[34:50] Ending the show 


Notable Quotes 

·        Strategic thinking is the baseline of what you go out and execute as a founder. 

·        The big tech platforms, YouTube, Instagram, etc., are not platforms to build your business on; they are platforms to build your audience on. 

·        Your customer base will grow if they know where to find more of your product. 

·        Putting systems and processes in place can help make everything efficient and avoid bottlenecks. 

·        Focus on your self-awareness, know your strengths, and be open, curious, and ask questions. 

·        Letting go and delegating is about getting people in specific roles, nurturing them on your vision, mission, and what you’ve found out on your way, and letting them grow. 

·        The way to learn is to take action anyway.  


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