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For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Dec 5, 2023

In this episode, Kristian Hauge Solheim shares profound insights he has garnered throughout his entrepreneurial journey. As the Founder and former CEO of Cutters, a flourishing beauty concept in the Nordics, Kristian offers a firsthand account of the strategies that propelled his business's rapid growth and international expansion across multiple countries.  


According to Kristian, the key to creating a niche within an existing market lies in narrowing your focus to a singular aspect and dedicating efforts towards scaling and expanding within that space without directly competing with others.  


You don't have to invent a wheel with every new venture. By observing successful businesses, identifying what works, and incorporating those proven strategies, you can navigate the existing market dynamics more efficiently.  


This approach acknowledges the wisdom of learning from the experiences of others, surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you want to achieve, streamlining your operations, building a team, and capitalizing on unique opportunities.  


With a background in economics and business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), coupled with experience as a Consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Kristian's expertise shines through. After eight years at the helm of Cutters, he discusses the motivations behind his transition from the CEO position, providing a unique perspective on leadership and succession planning.  


Tune in! 


Key Highlights from The Show 

[01:26] Introduction to the show with Kristian Hauge Solheim 

[04:12] Why Kristian stepped out of the CEO position in his company after 8 years 

[05:44] When Kristian realized it was time to step out and the process he leveraged  

[09:22] Why your role as an entrepreneur has to evolve as your company grows 

[12:05] How Kristian built a successful hairdressing brand from scratch in a short time 

[14:40] Blue Ocean Strategy: Creating your own market within an existing market  

[16:11] Lessons Kristian has learned leading and building his own business  

[21:30]  Business Ideas: how to share, talk, and implement your ideas 

[22:30] How Kristian managed his business during the COVID-19 period 

[28:18] How entrepreneurship has transformed Kristian 

[31:00] Practical tips to help you set limits and take care of yourself  

[35:00] About Kristan’s bottleneck score on strategic thinking  

[37:50] Kristian’s practical recommendation for entrepreneurs and start-up founders 

[39:24] Ending the show 


Notable Quotes 

·        As the company grows, your role as an entrepreneur should evolve. 

·        It’s not easy to let go, but it’s the only way to grow; you can’t do everything by yourself if you want to grow.  

·        You don’t have to invent a wheel every time you start a new company; look at other businesses, see what is working, and try it out.  

·        Entrepreneurship is not just about ideas; it’s also about how you implement and execute them. 

·        Set goals, do everything possible to achieve those goals, know what you can’t do on your own, and bring team players to help you.  

·        The people you decide to spend time with will affect you in a very big way whether you like it or not.  

·         If you want to succeed in something, it will be so much easier if you surround yourself with people who are doing exactly what you want to achieve. 


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