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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Feb 20, 2024

Most founders get stuck with bottlenecks when they cannot delegate responsibilities to their team. The satisfaction of labels and not letting the ego go away could be detrimental. You have to let others play the game because, in most cases, the founder is not as skilled as his team of dedicated experts.  


Entrepreneurs will also always use their networks as a benefit when building something new. However, they never connect their team to these networks, which is still another source of bottleneck.  


Ari Tulla, who joins us in this episode, shares more of his entrepreneurship journey from age 18 and how he became stronger and never gave up despite the adversities along the journey. He also admits that despite having over 25 years of successful entrepreneurship, he still struggles with finding himself as the bottleneck of his business. 


Ari Tulla is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Elo, an AI personalisation engine delivering the exact nutrients to live better. After years of family health struggles, Ari has dedicated his life to building companies that help people live better.  His companies, BetterDoctor, Quest Analytics, and Elo Health, have helped over a hundred million people gain better access to healthcare. 


Tune in.  


Key Highlights from The Show 

[03:47] A short summary of Ari Tulla’s entrepreneurship journey since 18 years of age 

[06:02] The US hustle culture of never giving up 

[08:16] His secret of never giving up on business 

[13:41] When do you know it’s time to give up on a business 

[23:03] How his experience working at Nokia was 

[27:55] Determining the breaking point of a business 

[31:40] One of Ari’s current entrepreneur bottlenecks 

[35:45] Why it is not possible to have 100% bottleneck-free business 

[39:34] Best ways to reach out and connect with Ari 

[41:32] Wrap up and calls to action 


Notable Quotes 

·        When you get into adversity and things don’t go your way, the best antidote is just to keep going. 

·        The secret weapon of never giving up in business is your right mindset. 

·        Entrepreneurship is all about mindset. The most successful entrepreneurs are not so because they have better skills. They have a better mindset. 

·        Always use your networks as a benefit when you are building something new. 

·        Leaders are not born; they are made. 

·        Founders become company bottlenecks when they cannot delegate responsibilities to their teams. 


Connect With Ari Tulla 

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Personal Website: 





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