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Apr 16, 2024

John Cronin, now 27 years old, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. That never stopped him from becoming his best version. Together with his father as a business partner, he has defied all odds to become a tycoon in the socks business, impacting millions of people worldwide with their story of resilience, hope, and the power of vulnerability. They host workshops, seminars, and talks to educate people about Down syndrome and how anyone diagnosed with it can reclaim their life.  


Their business is not just about socks. It is an avenue to spread their message of hope and inspiration. Built on five principles, the business aims to showcase the capabilities of people with different abilities. Yet, like any other business, bottlenecks are inevitable. The struggle with perfectionism was one of the main bottlenecks they faced when they started. 


John’s Crazy Socks has a mission of spreading happiness through unique socks. They show the world that disability is not inability, pairing a retail mission with a social one. Donating 5% of earnings to the Special Olympics, they expand their charity partners, creating socks with awareness themes like Autism and Down Syndrome. With fast, personal service and hand-written thank you notes from John, they aim to bring joy through every package, proving what people with differing abilities can achieve. 


Tune in. 


Key Highlights from The Show 

[02:54] John and Mark Cronin’s story behind their Crazy Socks business 

[05:13] The pillars of their business 

[09:35] Why they chose a socks business and not any other 

[15:08] Candies in the socks boxes to win more loyal customers 

[16:13] The experience of a father-son partnership in business 

[18:57] The struggles of perfectionism and other bottlenecks in the business 

[26:54] Parts of the business that John likes the most  

[29:11] The power of living for a cause and purpose 

[33:34] Parting words of wisdom and best ways to reach out and connect 

[34:38] Wrap up and calls to action  


Notable Quotes 

·        Never wait for perfection and the perfect time to do something. Get up and go!  

·        Being physically challenged does not mean being mentally challenged. 

·        Sometimes, you never know how much what you start will grow. The only way is by doing it and pivoting whenever necessary. 

·        When delegating roles in a business, don’t start immediately thinking about how you will get something done. Instead, think about who will get it done, and then let them do it. 

·        It is so good to wake up in the morning and have something to do that matters.  

·        Consider hiring people with different abilities and understand that doing so is good for business. 


Connect With John and Mark Cronin 








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