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For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

May 24, 2022

Do you know any brilliant entrepreneurs, who have so much to offer to the world, basically killing themselves for the sake of their businesses? 

I do. 

Are you one of them?

I did a burn-out in 2014, and I was not an entrepreneur back then, so I have learned to take care of myself since. 

Let me ask you: As an entrepreneur, how can you take care of your family, your people, and your business if you don’t take care of yourself first?

The reality is you can be a high performer without pushing yourself into the red zone all the time.

I get it, being an entrepreneur is hard work; it demands sacrifice. You always think about it, you constantly work on it, you want to go fast, you want to be more efficient, and as a result, you rarely take any days off. 

But how long can you sustain such a pace?

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