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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code

For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Jul 6, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job, with a lot of ups and downs. Combined with all the challenges the pandemic has created, the journey can quickly become draining and one can reach the bottom and lose motivation.

Hence the questions : How do entrepreneurs keep their motivation levels high? Where do they find the strength to continue?

I've invited 4 successful entrepreneurs (and former guests) located in 4 completely different business environments:

Laxmi Gandhi, the founder of a boutique consulting company OPERAScale in the USA,  that specializes in go to market strategies utilizing first principles thinking. She helps leaders get unstuck and go back to the fundamentals of why they started their business and communicate with clarity on what they are actually doing.

Richard Burrage is the Managing Director of Cimigo, a boutique market research agency that he founded in 2002 in Vietnam. He’s been living in Asia since 1992, and has seen firsthand the transformation of the region with all the challenges that came with it.

Maria Frangieh is the Founder and Managing Director of SocialPrise, a digital marketing agency based in Lebanon. She founded her company 15 years ago and decided from the start to make it a 100% remote company. She knows what challenge means operating in a country that has been economically suffering over the past years.

Paul Baker is the founder of St Pierre Groupe based in the UK, a bakery business with a love of European Bakery. He bankrupted his first business at the age of 17 and took 10 years before he got back to entrepreneurship. He acquired St Pierre Groupe in 2002 and one day decided that he’d conquer the American market, which he did. That didn’t come without its challenges though.