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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

For entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and anybody with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Mar 5, 2024

We all start a business with a goal in mind. Sometimes, it may only be to have enough for you and your family, and other times, it may be to grow it into a prosperous company that will last for generations.  


In the first case, the entrepreneur could be a solopreneur with few or no plans to delegate some tasks. They become the bottlenecks, handling every aspect of the business. But that could be overturned. What if the business outgrows? What if the demand becomes too enormous than what you currently supply? Would you close the business, chase away clients, and remain at your level? How would you navigate that growth, set new goals, and make readjustments to fit the growth? With so much need for outsourcing and delegation of duties, how will you ensure everything runs smoothly?  


Join this conversation with Josh Nielsen, who has undergone exact growth with his podcasting company. He has seen the growth, gone through the pain of transition, and grown the company in ways he never imagined. This episode is packed with tips, insights, and valuable information to help you go through the unprecedented growth turbulence in a business.  


Josh Nielsen founded Zencastr, a company that makes it easier to record high-quality audio for podcast interviewees based anywhere in the world. Before working at Zencastr, Nielsen was a software developer at Missouri Star Quilt Co., co-founded Soundkeep, and led frontend engineer at Mahalo.  


Tune in.  


Key Highlights from The Show: 

[02:58] Josh Nielsen’s journey from a digital nomad to the founder of Zencastr 

[05:48] What was difficult in transitioning when the company outgrew him 

[07:19] Big goals with the company 

[10:33] Key milestones of Josh’s company since he started it as a solopreneur 

[13:47] The most difficult parts of growing the business 

[15:39] Josh’s current bottleneck as an entrepreneur 

[23:40] What he has learned about himself as an entrepreneur 

[29:56] Josh’s recommendation to entrepreneurs from his experience  

[31:35] Best ways to reach out and connect with Josh 

[31:50] Wrap up and calls to action 


Notable Quotes: 

·        As entrepreneurs, we must constantly evolve with our businesses or risk being left behind by our own success. 

·        Transitioning from handling every aspect to delegating tasks is not just about growth. It is about survival in a competitive market. 

·        The most difficult part of growth is not the demand but the internal adjustments required to meet it effectively. 


Connect With Josh Nielsen: 





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